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High Speed Inkjet Textile Printer

Even after achieving so many accolades, this is only the beginning for ITE. The company is looking forward to the current launching of High Speed Digital Textile Printer. The company's recognition lies in the success of all its new technology development and new product introduction that is specifically launched to satisfy the various needs of valuable clients. The company aims helping them to be more in tune and sync with both the user and surroundings. The company is also working towards launching its Single Pass Inkjet Printer in the coming future.


ITE Factory

ITE also has additional feathers in its cap like for the first time in india (introduced in 1997) - A dual servo for respect accuracy and SERVO LIFTING SYSTEM (Patent Pending) in 2011 with high speed for fully automatic flat bed printing machine. This machine is also high on energy saving, not only being precise in the quality they provide but also by being energy efficient.


First Flat Bed Screen Printer

The company possesses more than 2250 Flat Bed Screen Printing machines and has three meter printing width machines that specializes in printing bedsheets, polar blankets and mink blankets specially printed through Penetration Mangle Device(Patent Pending) to get more penetration on blanket. The machine is technically advanced to meet all the versatile and various needs of textile printing industries. High performance and precise printing are the core of technology and operations at ITE.


First Exhibition Participation


Established in 1971

The textile printing industries have high demands. And thus, to make sure clients gets exactly as per their requirements, a company has to turn towards innovations that are beyond the ordinary. With the in house R & D department and continuous efforts to reach the core of client requirements, the company always emerges as winners by providing the exact solutions to client needs.

A family owned company, ITE has been able to consistently provide its clients with high quality machines in addition to being proficient and competent in the competitive markets today. With a futuristic approach, the company has always looked ahead and offered its clients holistic solutions for their specific needs and requirements from initial levels of concept to the most advanced stages of technology.

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