Rotary Screen Printing Machine :

Model : 1280,1620, 1850 & 2250 mm

Number of colors : Upto 16

Speed : Up to 80 metres per minute

In-feed : Knits / Woven

Screen Drive : Individual Servo Drives IR-9 Individual Servo Drives Print AXIS with decentralized Cabinet free servo system (Patent Pending) IR-9 Diamond

Printing Heads : Closed, lubricated Bearing

Squeegee System : Combination of Pneumatic Blade and Electro magnet Roller System

Operating and Coloring Side : Left & Right fixed - looking from In-feed

Gluing System : Wet (with Airflow Squeegee Blade) and thermoplastic gluing as option

Repeat Possibility : 640-819-914-1018 mm

Color Pumps : Pneumatic / SB-7 reversible Gear Pumps

Dryer : 4,6 & 8 Sections

Special Feature Of Decentralized Cabinet Free Servo System Model Ir-9 Diamond (Patent Pending)
  1. Electrical panel design to avoid long cabling and reduction overall electrical noise/ EMF
  2. Feeding entry device equipped with dust collection, fabric tension control, rolling feeding, transmission roller and fabric edge-aligning device
  3. Printing unit adopt advanced independent servo motor drive system with magnetic scraper, automatic color supply, blanket washing, blanket gluing, blanket heating and blanket correcting system
  4. Advance E-CAT servo control system from DELTA for fast response time for correction and to minimize electrical noise
  5. Each color print head is powered by DELTA servo motor and control independent drive system along with ABS Encoder
  6. The speed of screen and blanket is adjustable to meet any kind of fabric printing with high definition print quality
  7. PLC with the function of speed and time indicator, error diagnosis, register parameter set up and locking function, which help avoiding human error and makes machine user interface easy to work with
  8. The gluing mechanism adopts magnetic rod gluing technique which applies more even, stable and bubble free glue
  9. Print AXIS with decentralized Cabinet free servo system (Patent Pending)