Salient Features :

This topical Gauze stretching Machine for expedient stretching of several screens in one stretching process has important advantages:

  • Maximum Fabric width 3200 mm
  • Any Gauze length for 1 or several screens can be stretched due to the sliding carriage with clamp carriages.
  • Unique machine in which the Gauze has not to be stretched over the whole machine length and adaptation to all stretching widths.
  • High production by contemporary stretching of several screens.
  • Easy operations at control panel for length and crosswise stretching and frame pressing against the Gauze.
  • Perfect contact of the screen frames with the Gauze by means of mechanical lifting and crosswise gauze down holders.
  • Standard length of the machine of 6m (20') can also be delivered longer or shorter by sections of 1.5 m and the machine width upto screens of 3.2 m (Length or width).